Ojadore Boutique

a piece from home

About Us​

Larissa Eugene is the founder and CEO of O’Jadore Boutique. Having been raised in Haiti, she was no stranger to the wide array of artisanal treasures native to her homeland. Her exposure to such diverse and exotic styles fueled her passion towards exploring these hidden gems and ultimately celebrating their authenticity by showcasing their beauty in her online boutique. Every piece of garments and accessories are exclusively selected by her and it is her honor to have her collection grace the walls of your closet.

Our Mission

Our goal is to elevate your fashion pieces. Also, provide you with exquisite and remarkable handcrafted products which will transform your closet and home. This goal aims to eliminate poverty and promote peace by empowering through fair trade.

Why Choose Us

Ojadore Boutique is a woman-owned handmade accessories company, with a global outlook. We offer a selection of carefully curated clothing and handcrafted items from independent artisans.

Ojadore offers the most competitive prices, whether you are a fashion addict or just a fashion lover.

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