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Grammy Winner, Wyclef Jean is a Haiti national

Grammy Winner, Wyclef Jean is a Haiti national. Wyclef Jean is  the most popular artist of Haitian origins to those outside the island. In 2010, he filed for candidacy for the Haitian presidential elections but was ruled ineligible. He also channeled a lot of effort through his charity organization as relief for the 2010 earthquake.

Haiti has surviving cave paintings

Haiti has surviving cave paintings. All over the country, there are surviving cave paintings from the Taino people. These paintings are now adopted as national symbols and serve as one of the country’s most unique tourist attractions.

Haiti has the world’s largest solar powered hospital

Haiti has the world’s largest solar powered hospital. After the 2010 earthquake which left a death toll of over 300,000 people, with 1.5 million people left homeless, the Hospital Universitaire De Mirebalais, became the world’s largest solar powered hospital.

 Haiti was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Although it was already inhabited by a native tribe now known as Taino, when Christopher Columbus landed in Haiti, he called it ‘La Isla Espanola’ meaning The Spanish Isle. He was buried in the cathedral of Santa Maria in Haiti and today, a monument of Christopher Columbus stands in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Though for […]

Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean.

Haiti’s mountain peaks reach over 8,000 feet and Haiti comes from the word Ayiti meaning ‘Land of Mountains’. This name was given by the original inhabitants of the island, the Taino people.

Haiti was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery.

The Haitian Revolution was the only successful slave revolt in human history and it was not until 65 years after that the United States of America joined in to abolish slavery.

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